Sounds like one!

Martin has asked me to post this on his behalf; he has limited internet access over the next few days but will follow up on any comments etc when he is able to!

Sounds like a Two-barred Crossbill….

A crossbill sp. I recorded this morning (Rod Moor) seems too similar to Two-barred Crossbill to ignore.

You can listen to a recording of the call <HERE>

Crossbill sp (Two-barred Crossbill – like) Rod Moor 30th August 2012

Crossbill sp (Two-barred Crossbill – like) Rod Moor 30th August 2012

Analysed by Magnus Robb. The calls and sonogram are unlike any other European Crossbill. It would be good to get recordings of Two-barred from this year in Scandinavia. ……….meanwhile…….a possible Two-barred Crossbill (or bird calling like a Two-barred Crossbill ) in Rod Moor area (NW Sheffield) this am etc. Always learning!

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3 Responses to Sounds like one!

  1. Ruud van Beusekom says:

    Hi Martin,
    just listened to your sound recording of a possible Two-barred Crossbill. I have found almost 50 Two-barred Crossbills in Holland over the years, and I know the species and its sounds quite well. This could be a Two-barred, but did you consider the possibillity of an (older) juvenile Linnet? This call is quite similar to the one you’ve recorded. I am telling you this, because only two weeks ago I thougth I heard a Two-barred here on Texel, which in fact was a juvenile Linnet.The begging calls of the cardueline juvenile finches (Linnet, crossbills but also Common Rosefinch) are quite similar, and the call of juvenile Greenfinches resemble Common Crossbills a lot!

    Greetings from Texel (found two Barred Warblers here last two days; also Red-backed Shrike, Wrynecks around)

    Best wishes

    • Martin Garner says:

      hi Ruud

      Sorry for being slow. this is a superb response- the kind that makes ‘sticking my neck out’ sometimes, really worthwhile. Your experience brings of course ‘gravitas’ to what you say. I had considered other cardueline finches, particularly wondering if it was an odd redpoll call but I don’t think I am familiar enough with all the variation in those (weird) juv Linnet calls which I do hear each year as well as e.g. all the variation in Greenfinch. I have made a few recordings of some ‘Crossbill-like’ Linnet calls since, but nothing comes close yet on the sonagram. If someone has recording of Linnet/ Greenfinch etc which is close to the bird call I recorded I would be pleased to know. Hopefully it will be resolved…

      thanks again


  2. Ronald0 says:

    excellent comment Ruud also Martin have you tried Xenocanto for calls. Its very good.

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