White Wagtails: They are starting to appear. As a refresher, here is a post from this time, last year.

Birding Frontiers

On the East Coast (and inland near you!)

Found this bird on 31st August and it renewed my interest in Pied and White Wagtail ID in autumn. So here’s a bit of waffle on the subject for anyone interested. It’s done in a simple style, so apologies to those who know the subject much better. Corrections also welcome, I am still learning. Also see very good  Dutch Birding paper on Pied and White Wagtail identification (and intermediate birds).

1st winter White Wagtail. Spurn 31st August 2011. These are well worth looking for! Words from The Migration Atlas, in regard to White Wagtails, say it well:

“Observations suggest, that autumn passage occurs on both east and particularly , west coasts and widely inland until at least October. It is likely that the whole population from Greenland, Iceland and the Faeroes passes through Britain and Ireland, although many birds will go unrecognized.”

31st August 2011 at Spurn.

I was a little late up and missed an early Common Rosefinch trapped at the Warren…

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