Surfbird hybrid

With Great Knot or Knot?

Striking! Would give me a scare in the field. This wader, found by Paul Lehman on 12th July 2012, had been previously present, nearby, 3 years early in late August 2009, when the plumage was less definitive. So what it is? Opinion (for obvious reasons) centres around a Surfbird which has hybridised with either a Great Knot or (Red) Knot.

Surfbird hybrid (x Great Knot or Red Knot), San Diego Bay, California, July 2012, by BJ Stacey. Lots more photos and video from BJ Stacey of the bird: here.

Thanks to Paul for the alert, BJ Stacey for his excellent pics and see this months Birding World mag  for more discussion and photos.

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  1. Laurent Vallotton says:

    According to Gibson & Baker (2012)*, A. virgata, C. tenuirostris and C. canutus are phylogenetically very close. But on the California bird, I see more of a somewhat aberrant C. tenuirostris than of a hybrid A. virgata X C. tenuirostris.

    *Gibson, R. & A. Baker (2012):Multiple gene sequences resolve phylogenetic relationships in the shorebird suborder Scolopaci (Aves: Charadriiformes). Mol. Phyl. Evol 64:66-72.

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