3 way Mystery Photo Competition

Autumn cometh…

…and with it the opportunities for some scarce and rare bird hunting. So here, 3 ‘Mystery Birds’; the kind of thing I might be looking for. I had to identify some of them, so will let you know how I got on, later.

There are 3 birds and 6 questions. They are not easy!  First person to get all 6 questions correct- or first to highest number of correct answers  e.g. 4 or 5- gets a Birding Frontiers memory stick and the rest of us learn stuff! (P.S. apart from the few I may have told answers to who are excluded!)

So go ahead and give it a go:


a) What species?

b) What age?

bird one– what species and age is this sea-going bird?


a) What species?

b) What age?

Bird two– what species and age is this long-billed thing?


a) What species

b) What subspecies?

Bird Three: What species (and if you are very clever or good at guessing), what subspecies does this tail and undertail coverts belong to?

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55 Responses to 3 way Mystery Photo Competition

  1. 1. Arctic Skua juvenile 2. Common Snipe juvenile 3.Palla’s Grasshopper Warbler, rubescens

  2. narhvalur says:

    1. Whale bird 2. Gallinago gallinago 3. No clue

  3. Russell Boyman says:

    1) Juv LT Skua

    2) ad Jack Snipe

    3) PG Tips- no idea about any subspecies !!

  4. Kari Haataja says:

    1: Pomarine Skua, 1cy, 2. Pin-tailed Snipe, 1cy, 3. Pallas’s Grasshopper Warbler, ssp rubercens

  5. Aron says:

    pommarine 1cy, swinhoe’s, adult and pallas’s grashopper, rubescens!?

  6. Ross Ahmed says:

    Sorry could I correct last one to white-spotted Bluethroat?


  7. Grahame Walbridge says:

    Pomarine Skua juvenile; Pintail Snipe adult, Pallas`s Grasshopper Warbler rubescens (pale tips to longest utc`s)

  8. Steve Waite says:

    Hi, my guesses 2cy Pom Skua, Pintail Snipe adult, rubescens PG Tips

  9. Timo Janhonen says:

    Long-tailed Skua 2cy, Pintail Snipe 1cy, Pallas’s Grasshopper Warbler rubescens

  10. 1a Lond-tailed Skua 1b 1cy 2a Snipe 2b 1cy 3a Pallas’s Grasshopper Warbler 3b rubescens

  11. Espen says:

    long tailed skua 1cy, pintail snipe 1cy, pallas’s gropper certhiola

  12. James lidster says:

    Long t skua juv
    Pintail snipe ad
    Pgtips rubescens

  13. Dan Brown says:

    Pom 1CY, Swinhoes ad, PG tips 1w

  14. Julian Hough says:

    Long tailed skua, 2nd cal
    Pintail Snipe ad
    PGTips – rubescens

  15. Nige Lound says:

    Pom Skua 1CY
    Common Snipe Adult
    Pallass’s Grasshopper-rubescens

  16. Wouter van Pelt says:

    longtailed skua 1cy – pintail snipe 1cy – pallas’s grasshopper rubescens

  17. James Hanlon says:

    1. pom skua 4cy
    2. pin-tailed snipe ad
    3. PG tips – rubescens

  18. Edouard Dansette says:

    Pomarin skua, 1 cy
    Pintail snip ad,
    Pallas grasshopper rubescens

  19. julianhough says:

    Long-tailed skua, meant to say 1cy (not 2cy) dark morph(?)
    Pintail Snipe ad
    PGTips – rubescens

  20. Aron says:

    How about:
    Pomarine 1cy
    swinhoe’s adult
    middendorff’s grashopper subcerthiola

  21. Tim Allwood says:

    Pom 1cy
    Pintail adult
    Pallas GW ssp rubescens

  22. Sacha Barbato says:

    1. Pomarine Skua – 1 CY
    2. Pin tailed Snipe Adult
    3. PG Tips rubescens

  23. Martin Garner says:

    OK no outright winners. However all the right answers have been said- just not by the same person! Its a great set of 3 birds- and much to learn from them.
    So I am leaving it over the weekend. Same birds, same questions. I think all 3 are identifiable from the pics- and perhaps the hardest just needs more careful inspection. Voting will open again all day Monday 24th Sept up till 8:00 pm. Doesn’t matter about who is first. If more than one person gets all 6 answers correct I will pull out of a hat. Those who didn’t have go first time around can piggy back on bolder ones knowing now that all the right answers have been said. Which ones are right though? Who will score 6 out of 6?

  24. David Gray says:

    1.Pom Skua 2cy
    2.Common Snipe
    3 PG Tips rubescens?

  25. danielopezvelasco says:

    Hi there
    I´ll give it a try
    1-Long tailed Skua. first summer/2cy
    2-Swinhoe´s Snipe. adult
    3-PG Warbler. rubescens


  26. Jason Oliver says:

    I. Long Tailed Skua 2cy 2. Great Snipe 3. Pallas’s Grasshopper Warbler rubescens

  27. johnny mac says:

    1. Pomarine Skua 2cy still in juv plumage but worn
    2. Pintail Snipe 1w no sign of any retained/worn ad feathers
    3. Pallas’s Gropper rubescens..pale tips to longest UTC as described above

  28. Mark Carmody says:

    1. Arctic Skua adult dark morph; 2. Pin-tailed Snipe, adult; 3. Pallas’ Grasshopper Warbler, rubescens.

  29. carmopolice says:

    1. Arctic Skua, adult; 2. Pin-tailed Snipe, adult; 3. Pallas’ Grasshopper Warbler, rubescens

  30. Ryan says:

    1. LT Skua, 2cy 2. Swinhoes Snipe adult, 3. PG Warbler rubescens

  31. 1. LT Skua 2cy, 2. Swinhoes snipe adult, 3. PG Warbler rubescens

  32. Lukas Krajewski says:

    I. Pomarine Skua 2cy, II. Pintail Snipe ad, III. Pallas’s Grasshopper Warbler rubescens

  33. Aron says:

    Perhaps only one answer is allowed, but if not I make one adjustment to my first try:
    Long-tailed skua 1cy
    Swinhoe’s snipe adult
    Pallas’s grashopper warbler, rubescens

  34. Pete Kinsella says:

    1- Long-tailed Skua juv, 2- Swinhoes Snipe juv, 3- Pallas`s Grasshopper Warbler, certhiola.

  35. Grahame Walbridge says:

    Pomarine Skua 2CY; Swinhoe“s Snipe 1CY; Pallas`s Grasshopper Warbler rubescens

  36. Alan Matthews says:

    1a Long-tailed Skua, 1b Juv, 2a Pintail Snipe, 2b 1CY, 3a Pallas’s Grasshopper Warbler, 3b, Rubescens

  37. Peter Phillips says:

    Pomarine Skua- first year
    Pin-tailed Snipe adult
    Middendorff’s Grasshopper Warbler (subcerthiola)

  38. Jan Nobel says:

    I had my first opinion ready, but noticed someone else has already suggested the same before Martin’s ‘halftime’ post, so I must have got it wrong… Here’s my second best: Longtailed Skua, 1cy; Pintail Snipe, ad; Pallas Grasshopper Warbler, rubescens.

  39. julianhough says:

    Pomarine – juv
    Swinhoe’s Snipe – ad
    PGTips – rubescens

  40. Laurie Allan says:

    1 – Pom 1cy
    2 – Snipe juv
    3 – PGTips ssp Rub

  41. Peter Adriaens says:

    What fun! I’ll join in:
    1) Long-tailed Skua, juvenile
    2) Swinhoe’s Snipe, adult
    3) Pallas’s Grasshopper Warbler, ssp. certhiola

  42. Ben Porter says:

    juv Long-tailed Skua, Pin-tailed Snipe and juv PG tips

  43. Clare Gillatt says:

    1. Juvenile Pom Skua
    2. Adult Pin-tailed Snipe
    3. F/W Pallas’s Grasshopper Warbler ssp Middendorf

  44. Olivia Phillips says:

    1. Juvenile Pomarine Skua
    2. Adult Pin-tailed Snipe
    3. Pallas Grasshopper Warbler certhiola

  45. Andy Mackay says:

    1. juv Long-tailed Skua
    2. juv Swinhoe’s Snipe
    3. rubescens Pallas’s Grasshopper Warbler

  46. Steve s says:

    Not sure if this worked first time

    Try again

    Juv lt skua
    Ad pintail snipe
    Rubescens pg tips

  47. Timo Janhonen says:

    Second round attempt:
    Long-tailed Skua, 2cy
    Swinhoe’s Snipe, ad
    Pallas’s Grasshopper-warbler, rubescens

  48. Pete Marsh says:

    2CY Pomarine Skua, ad Swinhoes Snipe, Middendorffs Grasshopper Warbler subcerthiola

  49. 1a Long-tailed Skua 1b 1cy 2a Pin-tailed Snipe 2b 1cy 3a Middendorffs Grasshopper Warbler 3b subserthiola

  50. Pim Wolf says:

    Arctic Skua, 2cy
    Pintail Snipe adult
    Pallas Gropper, rubescens

  51. Rich Brown says:

    1a, Pomarine Skua 1b, 1st summer 2a, Swinhoe’s Snipe 2b, adult 3a, Pallas’s Grasshopper Warbler 3b, L. c. rubescens

  52. Ben Porter says:

    Are you allowed a second guess?

    Refine mine to:
    juv Long-tailed Skua
    ad Pin-tailed Snipe
    juv Pallas Gropper subsp. rubescens

  53. Marc Hughes says:

    All good fun!

    1cy Pom Skua
    1cy Swinhoes Snipe
    Pallas’s Grasshopper Warbler – rubescens

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