Next Stage: Mystery Photos

Voting on Monday 14th Sept.

3 Way Mystery Photo Competition

OK no outright winners. However all the right answers have been said- just not by the same person! Its a great set of 3 birds- and much to learn from them.
So I am leaving it over the weekend. Same birds, same questions. I think all 3 are identifiable from the pics- and perhaps the hardest just needs more careful inspection. Voting will open again all day Monday 24th Sept up till 8:00 pm. Doesn’t matter about who is first. If more than one person gets all 6 answers correct I will pull out of a hat. Those who didn’t have go first time around can piggy back on bolder ones knowing now that all the right answers have been said. Which ones are right though? Who will score 6 out of 6?

For full set of pics and questions see here

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