Desert Lesser Whitethroat

Spurn Bird Observatory 23rd Sept. 2012

In brief excellent weekend at Spurn. Guided day on Saturday was followed by this wee thing on Sunday morning. Trapped at the Warren by Adam Hutt.

apparent Desert Lesser Whitethroat of form halimodendri. Spurn Bird Observatory, 23rd Sept. 2012. by Ian Smith

.Desert Lesser Whitethroat: This birds tail pattern with extensive white is more indicative of more eastern taxa together with its shorter wing and longer tail than on average for nominate ‘curruca’. Paul Leader who has studied the Lesser Whitethroat complex extensively said “Looks like a good halimodendri to me, structure and plumage spot on”. Some halimodendri and minula can be virtually identical on plumage.


If you operate at a bird observatory or ringing station, and you suspect an ‘Eastern Lesser Whitethroat’ obtain full set of biometrics and take photos of the wing and tail patterns. Here is Paul Leaders full list of bios. Please help yourself and print off:

 S curruca ring sheet Paul Leader

A few of the other (many) highlights from Saturday.

SPURN: rather worth a visit if you get the chance!



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