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Next Stage: Mystery Photos

Voting on Monday 14th Sept. 3 Way Mystery Photo Competition OK no outright winners. However all the right answers have been said- just not by the same person! Its a great set of 3 birds- and much to learn from … Continue reading

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Pallid Harrier: Next step in status change

First-summer male undertakes post-juvenile moult in the Netherlands. by Nils Well within the time of my birding life, Pallid Harrier was nothing less than a mythical species. Nowadays it is much less rare in NW Europe (in the Netherlands we … Continue reading

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3 way Mystery Photo Competition

Autumn cometh… …and with it the opportunities for some scarce and rare bird hunting. So here, 3 ‘Mystery Birds’; the kind of thing I might be looking for. I had to identify some of them, so will let you know how I got on, later. There are 3 birds and 6 … Continue reading

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Seabird Masterclass: The Results

7-9 September 2012 by Martin Very pleased with our first ventures into guided Seabird events– billed as Seabird Masterclasses. They are open to all and indeed we did have both very experienced and new birders. As one person put it: “Despite gloriously … Continue reading

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Transatlantic Transport

As the 2012 Atlantic hurricane season spins its way into autumn, tropical systems that strafe the Atlantic Coast of North America sometimes, eventually, make their way across the pond to Europe. Although not terribly regular, when these systems arrive on … Continue reading

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The Pomarine Skua Show

Spoons up! by Martin Full report to follow. For now, headlining act on our Seabird weekend event was this adult Pomarine Skua. Seen coming in to the chum at the back of the boat, a skua was called out. Heading toward the back of the boat, I quickly picked the bird up just … Continue reading

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Surfbird hybrid

With Great Knot or Knot? Striking! Would give me a scare in the field. This wader, found by Paul Lehman on 12th July 2012, had been previously present, nearby, 3 years early in late August 2009, when the plumage was less definitive. So what it is? Opinion (for obvious reasons) centres around a Surfbird … Continue reading

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