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Convolvulus Hawk-moth

Spurn, 5th Sept 2012 by Martin and following on from Tony’s migration post below, I think this is one. Nice to celebrate with Mick when he caught this big mama in my old trap in his Easington garden last week:

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Parallels in the Art of Identification

Migration…. By Tony As a young birder, I was always fascinated by the subject of bird migration. I can remember being bewildered at the time, with the journeys undertaken by our summer & winter visitors. Birds such as the Swallow, … Continue reading

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Expedition research; ornithological frontiers

Back into the heart of Borneo.. by Sam Jones Borneo hardly needs an introduction to many birders or naturalists with its enigmatic Bornean Orangutans and hoards of easily accessible endemic birds. Phylogenetically speaking, endemism has run riot across all taxa on … Continue reading

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Eleonora’s Falcon: Easy or Difficult?

Summer with the Falcon of  Eleonora d’Arborea : are second-calendar year Eleonora’s Falcon easy or difficult to identify ? by Andrea Corso Summer time in the Mediterranean Basin has been since long time considered by local birders as an almost … Continue reading

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Crested Honey Buzzard

Getting closer… I noticed Albert had posted about a Crested (Oriental) Honey Buzzard on Facebook. He saw it in record breaking one day count of nearly 180,000 Honey Buzzards. Well worth learning from his experience, just in case they get closer to NW Europe: Hi Martin, Some words about the Crested Honey … Continue reading

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Scopoli’s Shearwater

2nd record for Canaries by Martin They shouldn’t be called pelagics; they should be called ‘super pelagics!’ A species I haven’t mentioned yet, seen on the Lanzarote Pelagics at the end of June 2012 was Scopoli’s Shearwater. As if Wilson’s, Madeiran, Storm, White-faced and Bulwer’s Petrels wasn’t enough! I … Continue reading

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Spanish Imperial Eagle – Variation in juveniles and immatures

By Dani López-Velasco I was recently asked about an interesting looking immature (presumably a 4cy) Imperial Eagle sp. seen in Sweden, and I thought it was about time to share some photos, and comments, on variation within juvenile and immature Spanish … Continue reading

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