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The best date in the birding calendar?

What’s the one date in the year you’d want to book off work? Here in the far north of Britain, the week just gone has been one of the best of the autumn. No great surprise there – some of … Continue reading

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Catching the Bug: Book Review

Review by Martin The fourth in the series of books by the Sound Approach joins my line of ergonomically challenged books with brightly coloured spines.  From the outset I confess I am a fan of the Sound Approach and if … Continue reading

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Caspian Stonechat ssp variegatus on Vlieland

  Deception Birding! by Nils 21 years ago, Hans ter Haar († 2011) invented a new way of rarity hunting in the Netherlands. After years of the classic Dutch Birding (whole) weeks on Texel in October, his eyes got stuck … Continue reading

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Phylloscopus Warbler from Hell

  Dare to Identify this one? by Yoav What do you think it is? Ringed it in Israel, 25th October 2012. Wing length 62 mm, P6 (primary 6) not emarginated.

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Eastern Olivaceous Warbler – Vocalisation Comparison

The rather showy Eastern Olivaceous Warbler that is currently present at Kilminning in Fife (UK) has given opportunity not only to study morphological details but also to study vocalisation. Chris Hind discusses the vocalisation of the warbler in the following … Continue reading

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Baltic Gull pretender

The Carsington Gull- October 2012 by Richard Lowe A possible adult ‘fuscus’ (Baltic Gull) was reported at Carsington Water, Derbyshire on 13th October and subsequently seen on following evenings in the gull roost from Sheepwash Hide. Good views and video … Continue reading

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Feeding Garden Birds in Winter

is there any point? by Martin As I contemplate spending money on feeding the birds this winter; niger seed, peanuts, fat balls and the like, I stop to wonder… and remember this superb photo taken by my lovely daughter Abi … Continue reading

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Gull ID/ Masterclass Days

2  events coming up soon. All info click HERE

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Eastern Crowned Warbler in my garden

Helgoland, October 2012 by Jochen I have never been a garden lister, but I was always fascinated by the book of John Holloway: Fair Isle’s Garden Birds, published back in 1984. He recorded in 5 years 177 species in his … Continue reading

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