Mission Impossible

Returned from a short family holiday to Eilat. As you might remember from Martin’s previous posts, Eilat is one of the WP’s birding hotspots. During the four days I was there I managed to squeeze in about 6 hours of birding. Missed three very good birds (not ticks thank god). Slept very little. Annoyed and disappointed the Mrs. while I was out. All of my photographs came out blurry becuase the sun was not up yet.


When the sun rose I had to go back to the hotel and become a perfect family person again.

So how can this work? How can we birders overcome our instinct and deepest wish, to bird forever, without any commitment, just do what we really want – find sibes and other vagrants? It’s all into balances and compromises, I guess. That’s part of growing up. Here’s my very simplistic suggestion:


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4 Responses to Mission Impossible

  1. Jan Jörgensen (JanJ) says:

    Hello Yoav!
    You really put the finger on the problematics (if you like). How can a male be a responsable member of the family collective and at the same time have all the freedom from this collective whenever he feels like it? Sometimes I wonder how we males set our standards. We very much like to breed (it´s a biological thing), but we also like the breeding period to end rather quickly – , meaning leaving it to the female to care for the broad, since she after all are the mother of all living things and therefore best fitted for this mission. We can of course chime in from time to time, we do after all love our female and our children! Once I heard a male friend saying to his wife, “haven´t I helped you out with the children”. That says it all.
    Now, I´m not accusing you Yoav of anything, belive me, just thinking about how different females and males really are in the real life. It´s a wonder how we can get things organised all together in the end.
    I realise of course that there´s no rule without exeption – not all males are the same, some of us have partly grown up (so to speak), but we still likes to play with other males whenever we see fit. Maybe a so called hobby – birdwatching being on of them – is in part, and I mean in part (!), a possibility for males to meet and socialise.
    “The little boy want´s to stay with his mother all the time. When he grows older he doesen´t want to be with his mother at all. When he meets a girl he want´s to be with her all the time. When he gets even older he doesn´t want to be with the girl att all” and so on…
    Some people ask me if my wife is into birding. When I say no – they wonder how that is working out?.
    I usually answer that I can handle birding myself’ and that we don´t have to share everything. However, since I´m a part of a collective (me and my wife), we must compromise, I´ll share, honestly, some of her interests and she share some of mine, which isn´t birding but other stuff.


  2. mike585 says:

    Beautiful Image.

  3. John Gordon says:

    I couldn’t have said it better, I share the same dilemma !

  4. R. Harris says:

    Yeah, me too. I think the pros of having a family out-way the cons though and who knows my six year old may even take up birding one day – I’m certainly trying hard enough! Then the wife will tell us both to bugger off birding when we get under her feet, instead of ‘take him to toys r us’. Well, that’s my dream and I’m clinging to it.

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