The Workington Mediterranean Gull – an update

Back in January we published Chris Hind’s observations on the identification of a 4th winter Mediterranean Gull that has been returning to Workington Harbour. You can read the original article <HERE>

The same bird has returned in its 5th winter; Chris Hind gives us an update on his observations:

I commented on the Mediterranean Gull which has wintered at Workington in Cumbria since 2009 in a post on 12th January 2012.
This bird had dark lines on P8, P9 and P10 in its 3rd winter. It had a dark mark on P9 and dark line on P10 in its 4th winter – so I was keen to see the wing pattern in this , its 5th winter.
I photographed it on 21st November 2012. The wing is now typical of adult winter with a black line on P 10 only.

Adult winter Mediterranean Gull; Workington Harbour © Chris Hind

While I accept that these marks on P8 and P9 do not specifically age a bird, there has nevertheless been a progressive reduction in these marks with each successive moult in this individual.
Chris Hind

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