Your Comments are Needed by 30th November!

Saving our Moorland Birds

This is your opportunity to influence The National Trust’s High Peak Moors Vision and Plan Project. 

Local to us in Sheffield and highly vulnerable to mis-management of the countryside (e.g. see here), much of the Moorland is owned by the National Trust. Ordinary people can make a difference. This is a public consultation. Deadline for comments is 30th November so please act now.

read John Hewitt’s article below (originally published on the  Barnsley Bird Blog). Then read the plan, make a comment and hopefully make a difference. Thanks to Roy Twigg, John Hewitt and Ron Marshall

Red Grouse – Ron Marshall

This is probably a once in a lifetime chance to influence management of this critically important part of our area. It is vital that conservationists offer support and propose specific actions. We all know what goes on! So if you want to see more birds like this:

Hen Harrier – Ron Marshall

And this:

…………..Merlin – Ron Marshall

then please follow the link and take action

You can give your feedback online, or via a form that you can download from the website.
The deadline for comments is 30th November. to view the plan, or call 01433 670368 or email to be sent a copy through the post.

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5 Responses to Your Comments are Needed by 30th November!

  1. Martin Garner says:

    Probably not perfect but here’s how I answered some of the questions:

    There has been a drastic decline in Hen Harriers and Goshawks with overwhelming evidence of these birds being shot by Gamekeepers. The Vision is good as far as it goes, but what plans have you to aid the restoration of these species to their proper numbers?

    Again a good general principles but there seems to be no ‘teeth’ to deliver specific targets in relation to birds of Prey- and done in an accountable way. Birds of Prey are the top end of the food chain and provide an acute measure of the well being and success of the moorland biosphere- their serious decline is an indicator that something is clearly wrong on the Moorlands but the National Trust seems to have been very ineffective in addressing with this. What plans and actions do the NT intend to take that are measurable and accountable to see a restoration of the larger Birds of Prey to the Moorland?

    An assessment the optimum number of large birds of Prey which should be present on the moorland habitats and specific, measurable and accountable plan to see that number restored (as it is clearly far from that right now).

  2. Mark Thomas says:

    NT’s vision is to ‘lock in’ the carbon by stopping moorland burning, as an over-arching climate change concept this is visionary. A knock on effect is that it will make grouse moor management in its current form almost impossible.

  3. Dave Dick says:

    About time too!!…Driven grouse shooting with its attendant heather burning and predator killing is an abomination – producing a totally artificial denuded landscape. This system was the invention of Victorian landowners who knew they could do what they damn well pleased with the landscape and its wildlife. It is appalling that that attitude still prevails on so much of our Uplands.
    Let the change start here..but make no mistake you are up against some very wealthy influential players who are capable of stamping on you like they do with harriers nests. You will also haver to cope with professional conservationists still in thrall to the “managed heather system”, without the vision to see there are other ways to go in the Uplands and that grouse moor = wildlife poverty. A few golden plover or redshank on the boom and bust ecology of a grouse moor do not equal a balanced long term habitat.

  4. Man, not satisfied, with self extermination has to force its reasons on to nature. Leave nature to mind its self, continue to interfere and we all suffer. It is, I believe the general consensus that the Human race has less than 50 years to right the wrongs it has done to nature before this planets ecosystems start failing big time. Destroying habitats is not the way forward, wake up!!!!!

  5. I have commented… thanks for flagging this up! I think birders should collectively try to become more active in making their views known on issues like this, instead of simply relying on the RSPB, BTO and others to represent their views. The more people that comment, the harder it is for politicians to ignore.

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