Paul Lehman – [Worst] Team Moments 2012

Martin and BF Folks,

Given all the great HIGHlights that have been summarized, I probably don’t have one that includes a photo that would do justice. So, instead, to help BALANCE out all the great stories, here’s a really terrible one! A true lifetime LOWlight. I stayed my annual 5 to 6 weeks this past fall again at the Eskimo village of Gambell, Alaska, in the northern Bering Sea, searching out both Asian and North American mainland strays (2012 was a relatively slow year, with the best being Willow and Dusky Warblers and Pechora Pipit from Asia, and Cape May and Mourning Warblers from North America). Only one birder remained after I departed on 1 October, and THE next day he finds and photographs North America’s second-ever (and first since the 1980s) Siberian Blue Robin. While he was doing that, I was arriving back home in San Diego and quickly driving 8 hours back north to near Santa Cruz, California, to be the FIRST person to MISS California’s first, and the Lower 48 State’s second-ever, Common Cuckoo–which had been present for the previous 5 days.  So, I departed one day too soon and arrived one day too late!  I think I might take up stamp collecting again…

Paul Lehman

Gripping Bird Number One below:

robin 1


Siberian Blue Robin at Gambell, Alaska, taken on 2nd October 2012 by David Pavlik


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