Dani López-Velasco – Top Team Moments 2012


“Choosing my best bird of 2012 is somewhat difficult, as I´ve been quite lucky this year in terms of seeing both high-quality species and good self-founds. If I had to choose one, I think the bird that I felt most excited with was the superb adult Philippine Eagle I saw with Jose Luis in Kitangland (Mindano, Philippines) in March. However, as he already choose it (no doubt why!), I will go for another one. I´ve been very focused on my self-found Spanish rarities list over the last few years, and this year I was lucky finding a Radde´s Warbler at my local patch, the first ever non-ringed in Spain, and also calling out the Swinhoe´s Storm-petrel on the Lanzarote Pelagic, but, nonetheless, my best bird will be one seen in Japan. Plenty of good ones to choose from, such as mind-blowing Steller´s Sea-Eagles, Blakiston´s Fish-Owls, Scaly-sided Mergansers or Siberian White Crane, although my top number one will be a seabird, mainly due to my long-lasting passion and interest for them… It will be the highly endangered, once thought to be extinct, Short-tailed Albatross (Phoebastria albatrus). The second rarest albatross in the world, and a very difficult one to see, as access to the breeding islands is highly restricted. The  ferry from Tokyo to Hachijojima island gives you decent chances of seeing it, although  it´s by no means guaranteed, and during my trip there in February, with gale-force winds and 6 metre waves, I was lucky seeing 3 of these stunning albatrosses flying past the ship.”

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