Yoav Perlman – Top Team Moments 2012


My best bird of the year was this cracking Basalt Wheatear (in fact I was with you Martin when taking this image). For me this beauty combines everything necessary to make a bird mythical – rarity, enigma, character – it has it all. This bird represented the 6th record for Israel. Even though I had already seen it in Israel before, I was eager to go and twitch it the day after it was found in the Uvda Valley, north of Eilat, in late March. The next day I was going to Eilat to guide for the Bird Festival, so my wife wanted to kill me (once again) for missing our last day together at home. Hadoram Shirihai was in Israel at the time, and together we decided to go and trap the bird. Hadoram is working on this little-known taxon, which probably merits species status, and really wanted to obtain DNA from this bird. It was clearly stopping over on its journey NE to its breeding grounds near the Jordanian – Syrian Border. We found the bird quickly, and in 2 minutes it was in the bag. We processed it quickly, and the bird remained in the area for another week or so, proudly carrying my ring. Some photographers still hate me for this…

Yoav Perlman



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