Thank You and Happy New Year

2012 was a blast!

On behalf of the Birding Frontiers team. Thank You! 2012 has been a fun year. We are finishing with over 40,000 views in December 2012- the highest hit rate since the blog began in August 2010. We also  past a grand total of 3/4 million total views today (28th Dec). The number of visitor this last month alone is also amazing!

To finish off the year let’s revisit the top, most visited posts in 2012 in the last 3 days of December.

but again let me say it again – for visiting, reading, contributing, advising and telling others: Thank YOU! 

Wishing for you a very special 2013

Martin Garner.

P.S. every one loves a Kingfisher. At the Hula Valley and other spots like MM it was possible to see 3 very different species, whose core ranges respectively cover Europe, Asia and Africa all, feeding and sitting together. More on those to come. One for now:

Smyrna Kingfisher oneSmyrna Kingfisher with freshly caught crab. Ma’agan Michael, Israel. Nov. 2012


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One Response to Thank You and Happy New Year

  1. Ann says:

    Lovely picture of the kingfisher i don’t know to much about birds just 12 but love pictures of birds like this.

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