Eastern Subalpine Warbler on Lanzarote

January 2013

A surprising record. This bird was observed on 11 January 2013 (5 days ago) at Uga, Lanzarote Park on Lanzarote and photographed by Juan Sagardia. As ever, Dani López Velasco was on the ball with the ID potential. Juan also sent me the pics for comment. With its restricted deep vinaceous red on the throat and upper breast and rather thick white malar stripe it sure looks all albistriata – a long way west and probably wintering? Not heard to call. All photos by Juan Sagardia:

Picture1 alb 3

Picture1 alb 1

Picture1 alb 2


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2 Responses to Eastern Subalpine Warbler on Lanzarote

  1. Hi
    I am Susanne Bernard and I do a magazine here on Lanzarote called Lanzarote37° (www.lanzarote37.net).
    Some time ago we did an article abot birdwatchers on our island http://www.lanzarote37.net/en/detail/home/detail/article/on-the-lookout-for-the-big-five-the-birdwatching-bloggers/21.html
    and now I do need email contact of
    Juan Sagardia
    Can you help me?

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