Footit Challenge. Half way there

71 out of 75

Had a long walk of some 10 miles yesterday with our family dog, Ebony. Headed off nearly 2 hours before sunrise. Soon onto not one but 2 Tawny Owls at the start of the Loxley Valley. Mute Swan and Mandarin were in the right place, but no Tufted Duck! Treecreeper (lovely views) and Sparrowhawk(finally) fell, followed quickly by a flock of  Fieldfare. 69 species up. Where now? With an increasing volume of snow falling I decided for my first time (12 yrs in Sheffield) to explore Loxley and Wadsley Commons. Looked potential Yellowhammer habitat. Bingo! Up to 15 Yellowhammers and fly through flock of Lapwing in snowstorm takes me to 71 out of my optimistic 75 target. Thoroughly enjoyable!

Footit Factoids. Its all here

99 miles walked for one footit dude
Finds include Siberian Chiffchaff, White-tailed Eagle. Lanner ! Glaucous and Caspian Gulls and several Bitterns
Many found more species than expected in their areas. Great surprises and bonus birds
Nice photo of blisters!

My walk celebrated in a few pics. Now begins the 2nd half. Will I make it into the 100% club? see below.

Yhammer 1

Yellowhammer b 15.1.13yahammer 1

robin in snow 15.1.13My attempt at a Christmas Card shot

Lapwings 15.1.13Flock of Lapwing– cold weather movement and an unexpected footit tick…

woodiesWoodpigeons looking cold

male Chaffinch 15.1.13male Chaffinch: all birds look good in snow!

My target was 75 species going out from my house near Sheffield City Centre to radius of 3.5 miles. I have seen 71 species out of 75

These are the species I think I could get (with a bit o’ luck) but apart from the Peregrines I don’t know where to look for them. Any suggestions welcome.

Tree Sparrow?
(and I wonder about the possibility of  Cormorant, Tufted Duck and Little Owl). BOOM!

This sign was a weather info service too:




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1 Response to Footit Challenge. Half way there

  1. Jon Dunn says:

    Fantastic close ups of yellowhammer and chaffinch. Decent robin, too – a month too late for an Xmas card!

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