4 Mystery Photos

from ‘Pushing the Boundaries Tour’

by Martin

Some taster photos from my talk. Plenty of stuff coming up on the Pushing the Boundaries Tour: on amazing migration, wows and wonders from the year, new stuff on bird sounds, new ID stuff,  and the great fun of birding and learning from others. Never mind what Tormod’s up to! Hope you can get to one of the venues.

A Prize…

Can you identify them? First UK-based person to get all 4 correct (and I have last say on answers ; ) Sorry the main prize part has to be UK-based as it has to be collected in person, preferably on the tour. Down to lowest possible taxonomic unit…

Maybe a small prize for first fully correct overseas entry.

Can you name each of these, down to smallest taxonomic unit ; )  ???

photo 1



Picture1 a


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26 Responses to 4 Mystery Photos

  1. ian fisher says:

    Caspian stonechat, coue’s arctic redpoll, steppe buzzard & atlas flycatcher.

  2. Ben Porter says:

    1. Caspian stonechat 2. Coue’s arctic redpoll 3. Steppe Buzzard 4. Pied Fly iberiae

  3. Alan Wright says:

    Black Eared Wheatear, Mealy Redpoll, Steppe Buzzard, Pied Flycatcher.

  4. Espen says:

    stejnger’s stonechat, icelandic redpoll, steppe buzzard, semi-collared flycatcher

  5. Marc Hughes says:

    Siberian Stonechat ‘maurus’
    Couse’s Arctic Redpoll
    Steppe Buzzard
    Iberian pied flycatcher

  6. john mcloughlin says:


  7. Paul Roberts says:

    Siberian Stonechat (maurus)
    Icelandic Redpoll (islandica)
    Steppe Buzzard
    Iberian Pied Flycatcher

  8. Caspian Stonechat
    Coues’s Arctic Redpoll
    Steppe Buzzard
    Semi-collared Flycatcher

  9. James Lidster says:

    Caspian Stonechat
    Coue’s Arctic roll
    Steppe buzzard
    Semi c Fly

  10. andymould says:

    Caspian Stonechat, Coue’s Arctic Redpoll. Steppe Buzzard, Semi-collared Flycatcher.

  11. Rael says:

    Caspian Stonechat (veriegatus)
    Common redpoll – (islandica)
    steppe Buzzard (adult)
    Semi-collared Flycatcher (1st cal male?)

    Can You give input on mistakes please Martin, like to learn from mistakes. Espescially the Redpoll


  12. Paul French says:

    Siberian Stonechat – prob not safe to say variagatus or armenica, as white not extensive enough for a really safe variagatus, but on many armenicus the white tail bases are almost totally hidden. So prob variagatus only.

    Common Redpoll – flammea

    Common Buzzed – vulpinus

    Semi-collared Flycatcher.

  13. tomw says:

    1. Caspian Stonechat (Saxicola torquata variegatus)
    2. Coues’s Arctic Redpoll (Carduelis hornemanni exilipes)
    3. Steppe Buzzard (Bute buteo vulpinus)
    4. Semicollared Flycatcher (Ficedula semitorquata)

  14. julian hough says:

    Caspian Stonechat
    Coues’s Arctic Redpoll
    Steppe Buzzard
    Semi-collared Flycatcher

  15. Sean Minns says:

    Caspian Stonechat-variegatus
    Coue’s Arctic Redpoll – exlipes
    Steppe Buzzard – vulpinus
    Semi-collared Flycatcer – semitorquata

    Looking forward to seeing if I got any actually right.

    I do know that the Stonechat came to meal worms at Houbie 🙂 A lovely obliging bird!!


  16. DH says:

    1. Caspian stonechat – variegatus
    2. Coue’s Arctic Redpoll – exlipes
    3. Steppe Buzzard – vulpinus
    4. Semi-collared Flycatcher – semitorquata

  17. Grahame Walbridge says:

    1.Eastern (“Caspian”) Stonechat S.m.hemprichii (prev. S.m.variegatus)
    2.”Coue`s” Arctic Redpoll C.h.exilipes
    3.”Steppe” Buzzard B.b.vulpinus
    4.Semi-collared Flycatcher

  18. Steve says:

    Caspian variagatus stonechat
    Flammea redpoll
    Steppe, vulpinus buzzard
    Semi collared fly

  19. Laurie Allan says:

    Eastern Stonechat
    Arctic Poll
    Steppe Buzz
    SemiColl Flicker

  20. Saxicola torquata variegatus
    Carduelis hornemanni exilipes
    Bute buteo vulpinus
    Ficedula semitorquata

  21. Pete Lewis says:

    “Caspian” Stonechat Saxicola torquatus variegatus
    “Mealy” Redpoll Carduelis flammea flammea
    Long-legged Buzzard Buteo rufinus cirtensis
    Semi-collared Flycatcher Ficedula semitorquata

  22. Marc Hughes says:

    I know all the answers as I went on the ‘tour’ date at Bangor last night 🙂
    Not going to resubmit though as that would be cheating 😦
    Good learning and thoroughly recommended if you get the chance to go along.

  23. paul c says:

    1st w male caspian stonechat coue’s arctic redpoll
    ad steppe buzzard
    1st w semi-collard flycatcher

  24. Brett Richards says:

    Desert Wheatear – deserti
    Common Redpoll – pale islandica
    Steppe Buzzard
    Semi-collared Flycatcher

  25. Paul French says:

    Martin – anytime you want to give us the answers and put us out of our misery is fine 😉
    That is, if anyone has the right answers..!

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