homeyeri Great Grey Shrike

in Hungary

by Martin

Bence and Szabolcs Kókay have been in touch about a Great Grey Shrike photographed by Szabolcs in Hungary (I think in Feb 2006).

It’s a smart looking bird. I have learnt since exploring the subject that some western and especially central European birds have been, in the past, defined as a separate taxon with tendency to show more white in wings and tail. However birds such as this one may be outside even that range. From what I know (with much to learn) this bird is  very homeyeri– like, especially the extent of white in the secondaries and long white edges on inner secondaries reaching to the feather tip. I have had a quick look through large skin collection at Tring but it overwhelmed me last time I tried!



With thanks to Bence and Szabolcs.
Szabolcs blog is: http://kokayart.blogspot.hu/
and his homepage: www.kokay.hu

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