Ring-necked Parakeet

Hand feeding – literally!

by Martin

This is my hand and a bird with monster chomping mandibles trying to see if it’s edible. It isn’t. I’m in Hyde Park on Feb 4th prior to an evening gig with the London Bird Club. The photo below is by Ralph Hancock who has been watching birds in Hyde Park for 60 Years! He guided me around some of the park and introduced me to some of the Park’s delights.

Biting the hand 1aFollowing little tuition from Ralph I was able to lure one of the park’s female Ring-necked Parakeets onto my hand. Having devoured a peanut it then tried to eat my hand.

If you watch the clip through you can see and hear the pain…

ring necked parakeet 1Male Ring-necked Parakeet, Hyde Park, London, 4th Feb 2013. Back in t’day the only place you could guarantee seeing ‘wild’ Ring-necked Parakeets in Britain was Foots Cray Meadows in Bexley, SW London. Since my first in the early 1980’s they have spread and are now a very prominent feature in Hyde Park. Black throat and rose ring around the hind neck separate males form all green headed females.


rosy come downRalph Hancock models how to feed the wild birds…

robin on richard Hyde park feb 13Robin on Ralph’s Hand. I don’t think I have even seen so many genuinely wild passerines coming to one person hand to feed. Pretty cool. Watch the video below. Great, Blue, Coal Tits, Chaffinch and Robin were all willing to come to take seed from the hand. Have you seen anywhere with a greater variety of wild birds being hand fed?

Above. Check out the wild birds coming to Ralph’s hand. Read more of Ralph’s birding tales from Royal Parks 

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1 Response to Ring-necked Parakeet

  1. Hugo Romano says:

    I shall try Ralph’s technique feeding Madeira’s Ring-necked Parakeets.

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