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Spot the Arctic Bird

Big Fun, Small Prize Funny how birds can disappear into a scene. Sometime just a photographic co-incidence, often an illustration of plumage adaptation to surroundings. Within the photo below is a bird taken in the Arctic which I will talk about more in the next … Continue reading

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King Eider Harbour

Båtsfjord: the King’s Harbour Twice I have donned brightly coloured Arctic jumpsuits and headed out in a zodiac from a base in Båtsfjord Harbour on the exposed northern fringe of Varanger, Arctic Norway. Both represent unique Arctic experiences. The first was the ‘Blue Fulmar Pelagic’ in May 2011. The … Continue reading

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Arctic Alcids and Arctic Redpolls

and Arctic Weather. Thursday began in glorious winter wonderland in the Pasvik Valley and ended  in a polar blast as we arrived in Vardø on the Hurtigruten ferry. Arctic Redpoll performed marvelously in the Birkhuskey area, together with trumpeting Northern Bullfinches  Pine Grosbeaks and Siberian Jays. A heard … Continue reading

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Taiga Birding Day 2: Gullfest 2013

Hard to find words. Superlatives.oft repeated end up sounding empty. Trying to write this post I had to run out for the second night running to witness sky-filling aurora. Alongside hilarity  filled company, there was Alaskan Husky driven sleds across the Taiga, a snowmobile ride, reindeer soup and … Continue reading

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Into the Taiga Zone

Excellent ‘warm-up’ This male Pine Grosbeak (Alonza Garbett) was a new bird for 5 of our group. Rock n roll! The snow doesn’t melt, it just moves. Fierce winds have whipped the north Norwegian landscape into peaks of whipped cream. Nearer the coast … Continue reading

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The Northerners in Oslo

Day One. Warm-up A rather manic day. Facebook status reads: finally made it to little B and B in Oslo after 4;30 am start. Lovely Sharon Garner and Abi Garner took me at 4:45 am to York. Train was on the board … Continue reading

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North American Redpolls

Redpolls, redpolls, redpolls, and the usual cautionary tales. by Matt Young Audio Production Engineer  Cornell Lab of Ornithology As fall of 2012-13 set in, many of us here in the States knew a large wide-scale invasion of northern finches was … Continue reading

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