Bizarre Photo Opportunity


Gull, Tyre and Gargoyle combo 

On an inaccessible limestone stack.

Yep, sometimes it’s just bizarre. Out walking the north cliffs of Flamborough the other day, I picked up this ringed adult Herring Gull. Off the top of my head I think such orange rings come from birds trapped in the Scarborough area. Being a little distant I though it a good digiscoping opportunity. How well could the ring be read and photographed?

No problem even at considerable distance. However seemingly more incredible was how did a tyre and devilish gargoyle make it up this inaccessible stack? Did someone really climb it?

I have since found out how they got there…

d stackHere’s the stack in the middle of a pretty tumultuous sea scape at Breil Nook, Flamborough. It’s possible to see some Herring Gulls (little white flecks) on the stack

c stackA little closer and the subject is just visible at the top of the stack bang on the shadow line; the dark curve of the tyre just discernible.

digiscoping view……………………Here’s the view from the digiscoper’s perspective, at the cliff top

b Herring Gull stackHere’s the bizarre scene. Herring Gull, Tyre and Gargoyle. I know how the gull got there but do you know how the other 2 items ended up perched atop an inaccessible rock?

a ring readingand here’s what can be done with a bit of practice and the right gear. Have to say my camera settings (Canon s95) were much improved by highly skilled Steve Blain going at the settings in a manner reminiscent of a  Rubix cube champion. The photo is a but grainy but not bad! I know others familiar with digiscoping won’t be surprised at such details but I still find it pretty amazing when I think back to results obtained with my start-up Olympus SLR and Tokina mirror lens…

rock pip 1rock pip 2and in nearby cliff top fields this Rock Pipit could have been a Scandinavia littoralis but low evening sun corrupting colours and trickiness of some birds at this time of year left me equivocal.

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5 Responses to Bizarre Photo Opportunity

  1. Steve Lister says:

    The ring will be a FERA one presumably from Seamer Carr landfill as you surmise

  2. Steve Lister says:

    But no idea about the tyre (looks illegal to me) and gargoyle…………..

  3. Michael McNaghten says:

    Hi Martin,
    Try emailing the Gull details to Sara on

  4. Sal COOKE says:

    Glad to see you, now you are a resident, that you are taking time to catch up with local celebrities. We have studied the tyres over the last 24 years of running the seabird cruises. Always replaced if they disappear.

    The gargoyle actually replaced a bright green full sized toilet, which appeared over one winter’s night (and was even cemented into place ). So this Lincolnshire Imp is much more pleasing to the eye . The Hering Gulls seem to have coped with all.

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