Gullfest ll. A Full Program!

Later this week…

To see full program just scroll down

Stellers Eider Kiberg feb2013_86

…I will be speaking in the iconic ‘North Pole Pub’ in Vardo, Varanger, Arctic Norway (what a cool address don’t you think?). My love with the Arctic is undiminished though I am nervous about leaving the new ‘patch’ at Flamborough. What might Mrs G. see in the garden?!

Monday 18th I fly to Oslo and meet up with ol’ pal Ian Lewington. Overnight in Oslo, arriving to the Taiga wilderness on Tuesday lunchtime. The Taiga forest dogsled ride will again take place followed on Thursday with the sail across the mouth of the might Varanger fjord: destination Gullfest.

Tormod and Elin have laid out a feast for visiting birders. I’m ready. Bring it on GULLFEST ll.

(I pinched some of Tormod’s and Alonza’s magical photos. You should really go HERE to see and read more of the full story)



gulls at gullfest apr 2012 Amundsen Biotope



The Program and the Talks




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