The Northerners in Oslo

Day One. Warm-up

A rather manic day. Facebook status reads:

finally made it to little B and B in Oslo after 4;30 am start. Lovely Sharon Garner and Abi Garner took me at 4:45 am to York. Train was on the board and then taken off. WHAT? Thankfully not cancelled. got to Manchester where flight WAS cancelled. NO more seats- room for 20 people on coach to B’ham for another flight. I was person 21. Woke Sharon up by phone who booked virtually last seat on another airline and they let me on. Phew! Arrived to join Ian Lewington. In nearby gardens we got Northern Bullfinch, nice nominate GS Woodpecker but I dipped the nice whiter bellied Nuthatch. Ian says he can draw it for me. hmm wonder if he should?

A wee walk around archetypal wooden slatted Norwegian houses and spirits soon lifted. I was a little gripped off by the lovely Nuthatch. So Ian sketched it to show me what I missed.

nuthatch oslo IL 18.3.13

Nuthhatch in gardens outside our B and B. Whiter bodied with colour restricted to the flanks. by Ian Lewington

Northern Bullfinch b osloA couple of male Northern Bullfinches showed nicely with c 30 Yellowhammer. The calls sounded a little deeper and slightly more disyllabic than our Bullfinch ‘pee-u’ calls. No trumpeting.

Northern Great Spotted Woodpecker oslo March 13

This male Northern Greater Spotted Woodpecker (as we call ’em when they occur as scarce visitors). This is nominate bird which has a clearly shorter, stubbier bill- which is longer and a little thinner looking on our insular British birds. They are whiter below just as on this one here.

ian lewington in oslo

Ian sketching la Nuthatch at our dinner table this evening.

The Taiga Forest tomorrow!

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