Into the Taiga Zone

Excellent ‘warm-up’

grosbeak Alonza GThis male Pine Grosbeak (Alonza Garbett) was a new bird for 5 of our group. Rock n roll!

The snow doesn’t melt, it just moves. Fierce winds have whipped the north Norwegian landscape into peaks of whipped cream. Nearer the coast line it became more rugged but still fully white as we got took in stunning views as we flew north this morning. The surrounded sea an icy blue and white snowscape exuded coldness.

east of tromso

from the plane just east of Tromsø


Jessie Barry (Cornell Lab. of Ornithology) surveys the landscape next to reindeer pelts, wood stack and a mock-up Sami tent at the sparkling Birkhusky site.

First Bird

ARCTIC ROLL 19.3.13 a

Arctic Redpoll. First bird we saw out of the Birkhusky cabin window. Saw c10 Arctic Redpoll and c4 Mealy Redpoll in the first couple of hours, boding well for lots of looks and careful study (and I hope much better photos).

on the road

Tormod leads on as we looked for a few Taiga specialties nearby. The roads look more Olympic bobsled track than anything else

pasvik feeder

This garden with feeders gave us the afternoon purple patch. Pine Grosbeaks, icy silver Willow Tits, Arctic and Mealy Redpolls, and unfamiliar looking Coal Tits showed well. Nearby Norther Bullfinch and more Arctic Redpolls were enjoyed by all.

Phonescopingphoto grosbeak

Rob Yaxley is part of the group and phone scoped the male Pine Grosbeak- Very clever stuff. Kowa adapter though Swarovski ATS80.

Dog sled ride deep into the Taiga tomorrow.

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1 Response to Into the Taiga Zone

  1. Pete Marsh says:

    Please could you expand on what you made of the Coal Tits. I’ve not seen one in that area. Thanks.

    Pete Marsh

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