Taiga Birding Day 2: Gullfest 2013

Hard to find words.

Superlatives.oft repeated end up sounding empty. Trying to write this post I had to run out for the second night running to witness sky-filling aurora. Alongside hilarity  filled company, there was Alaskan Husky driven sleds across the Taiga, a snowmobile ride, reindeer soup and shed loads of good birds. So in order to get this finished I’ll let the photos do the talking. Tormod A. has done a wonderful post also all about today with mostly different photos HERE.

Taken outside the digs just now:

aurora 20.3.13

Redpolls headlined:

mealy advanceAdult male ‘Meany Redpoll’  taken today by Alonza Garbett.

Siberian Jay 20.3.13

Siberian Jay a 20.3.13Siberian Jay gave lovely if brief views and was new bird for many

Pine Grosbeak a 20.3.13

Pine Grosbeak c 20.3.13Pine Grosbeaks in good numbers showed for most of the day. The calls/ song are just lovely.

gangSome of the gang getting ready for the dogs and sleds. The Alaskan Huskies are beautiful very friendly and solid muscle.

willow tit b 20.3.13‘Silver’ Willow Tit. Gorgeous and raised some questions for us!

alonza in snowAlonza in some of the  snowy conditions today

ad male mealy redpollad male Mealy holboelli 20.3.13Lots of redpolls included great looks at a variety of plumages of Arctic and Mealy Redpolls. The lower one here is a ‘holboelli’ type.

ad male ARctic redpoll bAdult male Arctic Redpoll. Lots of views of several of these.

redpoll uncertain 20.3.13Don’t know redpoll. 2 birds foxed me. This was one of them…

Northern Bullfinch male 20.3.13male Norther Bullfinch. Heard these ‘trumpeting’ today. 2 Parrot Crossbills were also seen.

Siberian Tit Pasvik march2013 Amundsen BiotopeSiberian Tit. 3 different individuals seen

lew and svenen route home Ian and Sven in strange attire! Bedtime now.

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4 Responses to Taiga Birding Day 2: Gullfest 2013

  1. Matt Young says:

    candidate for islandica above

  2. Matt Young says:

    I’d say a pretty good candidate for islandica……unless size was very small, but islandica, flammea and exilipes can overlap a decent amount. Plumage wise though, this bird fits islandica pretty well IMO…..but then again redpolls come with cautionary tales……lol

  3. Matt Young says:

    Different computer monitor making bird in question look a bit frostier today…..tough to tell, but bill doesn’t look like an Arctic and plumage wise not much like a Mealy or even a perfect for exilipes…….suggestive of Islandica.

  4. Birds we know here as well, but I never see in real life. you made beautifull photos of them.

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