Spot the Arctic Bird

Big Fun, Small Prize

Funny how birds can disappear into a scene. Sometime just a photographic co-incidence, often an illustration of plumage adaptation to surroundings. Within the photo below is a bird taken in the Arctic which I will talk about more in the next couple of days. If you can find the bird (become more ‘obvious’ once you find it) and identify it, first one correct gets free memory stick (a few left) or a free cup of tea and piece of cake from me when you visit Flamborough (or Spurn if I am there)!

s…not easy. Going to have a go? Here it is:

spot the bird

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16 Responses to Spot the Arctic Bird

  1. Steve Blain says:

    Is there a Snowy Owl lurking in there? If not, I blame the wine…

  2. Gary Leach says:

    Female snowy owl bottom left of photo near red boulder laying down

  3. Ben Ofield says:

    Is there a gyr falcon flying through?

  4. cbottom says:

    Dotterel. Just right of the big rock in the foreground

  5. Thought I could see a Purple Sandpiper but it might just be my eyes playing tricks!

  6. Have you posted this a day early? It would have been a brilliant April Fool’s joke.

  7. Ben Ofield says:


  8. Pete Lewis says:

    Gyr Falcon flying left to right just left of centre

  9. Bomber says:

    This is a very long distance shot of some very large rocks. We therefore have to be looking a large bird. Using the photographic ‘rule of thirds’ I would say there is the head of a Snowy Owl at the intersection of said lines at the bottom right hand sector. The alternate solution is indeed that this is an early April Fool. If so, very good!

  10. Grey bird, facing away, dark tail band, sitting with wings open on the middle of the 3 pinkish rocks just left of the centre of the photo. Wild guess before I go to bed; Peregrine !

  11. Gyrfalcon perched on boulder half way down image and on boulder bordering snowfield on left side of image about 1/4 of the way from left border.

  12. Team eBird says:

    Gyrfalcon perched on left side if image about a quarter of the way from the left frame and half way down. Bird is on boulder beside snowfield.

  13. Ros Green says:

    Arctic Skua nestled in the rocks almost dead centre. Both its wings are partially raised. If not, this is a cracking April Fool’s 🙂

  14. Pere Baucells says:

    I can’t see any bird but I bet for a Rock Ptarmigan …. And please let us know where it is because it will make us get back crazy !!!!!

  15. digdeep1962 says:

    This being April 1st, I’m not even going to look. It must be a Roc!

  16. David Gray says:

    Willow Grouse or maybe a Siberian Chiffchaff?!…lol

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