Caspian Stonechat in NW France

Yesterday and still today

A first for France. Eugene Archer emailed kind greetings and send some photos of a pretty straightforward looking Caspian Stonechat (variegatus or now hemprichii). The white in the tail appears to be too much for (old name) armenicus. It was found yesterday at Guerande in Loire-Atlantique (44) by Willy Raitière and ID clarified by Eugene on seeing the bird in the field and subsequently reviewing the photos.

One on my new patch at Flamborough would be nice, though this time of year more likely to get a continental – rubicola– like bird besides local breeders.

Have a look and hope one gets found in the UK : ). Nice one guys!

P.S. Not an April Fools prank : )







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  1. A very distinctive bird Martin.

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