Ring Ouzel

A Summer Migrant at last

Little celebration though it’s not especially rare and not unexpected. But in this seeming extra-ordinarily late spring, my first summer migrant. With bitter winds still in the NE  expectations were low this morning, so I am celebrating with this post.

Very pleased to see this first summer (2cy) male Ring Ouzel by the Thornwick reedbed this am. The wings could morph in different lights and angles so the browner tones not always apparent. Spring has sprung. Perhaps we’re finally off?

Ring Ouzel 2cy male b Thornwick 9.4.13

Ring Ouzel 2cy male e Thornwick 9.4.13


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One Response to Ring Ouzel

  1. Julie H. Johnson says:

    I think we may have seen a ring ouzel in our backgarden today. We live in Sidmouth, Devon and have never seen this bird. Thought it was a Blackbird but it had white “beard” and white on the wings ?

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