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Chats Headline

Following the mornings Ring Ouzel the chat/thrush them continued later on in the afternoon. A rubicola-type male Stonechat found by Phil C. in Old Fall hedge could look very ‘eastern-like at some angles with ‘blood spot’ of red on upper breast and big white collar. Alongside it a likely migrant Robin kelp company, and 2-3 Goldcrest fed at our feet in a scene more reminiscent of October. The very grey head of the Goldcrests said Scandinavian, nominate birds. A smart male Black Redstart was found by Brett R. at the lighthouse.

Black Redstart male e 9.4.13

2013-04-09_201810male Black Redstart, Flamborough lighthouse, 9 April 2013

Goldcrest a 9.4.13

2013-04-09_195145nominate Goldcrest. Up to 3 feet at our feet Old Fall hedge. Obvious grey head with sharply contrasting with olive mantle is indicative of nominate birds (migrants heading to the continent, rather than British breeders); so says the old ‘Witherby’s Handbook’.

stonechat rubicola tyoe a 9.4.13

stonechat rubicola type c 9.4.13

stonechat rubicola type d 9.4.13male rubicola-type Stonechat was a migrant, and probably a continental nominate bird. Always a little distant I failed to really capture the striking appearance of big white collar and blood spot.

Sparrowhawk a 9.4.13Sparrowhawk passing. Maybe a local bird but large numbers of Sparrowhawks are migrants. Must have a look into spring movements of Sparrowhawk in the UK.


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  1. David Gray says:

    Very interesting looking Stonechat Martin!

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