ARCTIC NORWAY – Land of the Eider

Along with three other friends and fellow birders, from 12th – 17th April 2013 I visited Varanger in Arctic Norway. It was a great experience and a fantastic birding destination. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to make the trip in March and we arrived too late for the vast numbers of King Eiders. We knew it would be a risk going this late but nevertheless there were plenty of Steller’s and a few Kings left for us to see from the floating hide at Batsfjord and the surrounding harbour area. Martin’s enthusiasm for this place and Tormod Amundsen’s GullFest activities have really put the area well and truly on the birding map.

With a little effort and patience, most of the forest birds were seen along the Pasvik Valley and the bird cliffs at Hornoya Island were simply spectacular. I can’t wait to go back..

Here are few images from our trip.


Male Pine Grosbeak – Pasvik Valley – Tony Davison©


Siberian Jay – Pasvik Valley – Tony Davison©


Siberian Tit – Pasvik Valley – Tony Davison©


Mealy Redpoll – Pasvik Valley – Tony Davison©


Drake Steller’s Eider – From the floating hide at Batsfjord – Tony Davison©


Drake Steller’s Eider from the floating hide at Batsfjord – Tony Davison©


The King – from the floating hide at Batsfjord – Tony Davison©


Puffin – Hornoya Island – Tony Davison©


Brunnich’s Guillemot – Hornoya Island – Tony Davison©


The Mountain Road to Batsfjord late afternoon 13th April 2013 – Tony Davison©

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