Pacific Swift at Spurn

Again! 12th June 2013

Full Story HERE

No I didn’t see it! I think only 3 folk did. And photos were obtained. This amazingly rare Asian swift was seen at Spurn on Yorkshire’s East Coast today- the 4th record there out of a total of 7 British records. And me and a whole bunch of other people wish we had been there…

Wonder why we are so committed to and very much looking forward to Britain’s first Migration Festival? It’s birds/events/stories like this:

Pacific Swift1

Pacific Swift2

Pacific Swift, Spurn, 12th June 2013. Photos by Ian Smith (jammy dodger!)

Read more about it HERE

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2 Responses to Pacific Swift at Spurn

  1. Phil Hyde says:

    Gone through Lincs now too, and I didn’t see it (though I did see the Cley bird ages ago..)

  2. Andy Pryce says:

    Fourth for Spurn..what a place that is,East coast birders dont know how lucky they are

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