Birding Frontiers + 1


With a flurry of excellent posts recently I am having trouble keeping up! In case you missed any here’s a quick recap, with links, of posts over the last few days: IMG_6572a

Female Collared Flycatcher on Fair Isle (and follows on from this very poorly marked female Semi-collared Flycatcher – by Dani L-V). Roger’s account of the find and team efforts to secure the ID with fab photos.

Grey-necked Bunting on Helgoland. IMG_9641bJochen gets a second chance with a very special bunting, including comment on the importance of the call  – while Brit’s await their first.


Book review: Shifting Sands by Andy Stoddart.Shifting_Sands_Cover_ a stoddart Spurn’s Andy R. reviews this thorough read on the relations of humans, birds and wildlife along the iconic sliver of land at Blakeney.



2013 Digiscoping Competiti01 place_2012_DOY_Tara Tanaka Digiscoping imageon. The annual Swarovski comp. 4 different categories, chance to have your own vote on Facebook, and some mouth-watering prizes



Jonny and the Pacific Swift.swiftweb s babbs Very Jonny account of one of the U.K.’s top spring finds.



New Team Member : Steve Blain. SteveBig hello to Steve who brings welcome new dimension to the team.


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