Seabird Watching Resources

Getting ready for the season

July’s around the corner. The month is synonymous with the traditional start of our seawatching season. Mega migrants and occasional vagrants will draw me out on Flamborugh head. Locally, Spurn is also now recognised as a top seawatching spot. Elsewhere there are lots of favoured spots, as well as the glories off pelagics (e.g. Lanzarote specials coming up in late August and September).

A few very helpful resources:

from Bob Flood and Ashley Fisher:

Pterodroma Petrels multimedia ID Guide



………………………………….Lots more info on the Scilly Pelagics website

Southport Pelagics report, Australia

from Paul Walbridge in Australia:

“Here is the Annual Report for Southport for 2012, our third such production and hopefully getting better with each year. It’s free to anyone who wants to read it and feel free to pass on to anyone you think would be interested. Cheers – Paul.”
Download this report jam-packed with superb photos including several iconic species full of and detailed info. Not detracting from this superb report, but for curiosity/learning, one of the birds may be mislabeled/ mis-identified. Can you spot it?

 The Petrel 2012


Desertas Petrel movements

and…Michael Hoit kindly drew attention this paper which covers winter movements, winter range and habitat preferences of the Desertas Petrel. Click on:

Access codes are required for the full article, however the distribution data and maps can be seen without access codes HERE. Interesting how far north (approaching Iceland) and how relatively close to the west coast of Ireland several birds are in the months of October and November.

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