Mystery Bird Number Eight

Eight of Ten

Open to all. More info here:

What is this non-passerine 🙂 just taking off?

mystery 8

P.S. It’s a 1cy bird (in it’s first year) in November in the Northern Hemisphere.

Click on image for larger size. Full details, rules and useful info on this pre-Birdfair mystery bird quiz are here: Birding Frontiers Challenge

Don’t forget- no need to make your vote now on the bird’s identity. Just wait until all 10 have been posted, then vote all at once.

Prizesswaro watch

Thanks to Swarovski Optik, a watch and baseball cap will be yours (if you win)

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1 Response to Mystery Bird Number Eight

  1. Steve Lister says:

    At last – one I (think) I know

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