Mystery Bird Number Nine

Nine of Ten

Open to all. More info here:

What kind of bird does this tail (and call) belong to?

mystery tail

Click on image for larger size. Full details, rules and useful info on this pre-Birdfair mystery bird quiz are here: Birding Frontiers Challenge

Don’t forget- no need to make your vote now on the bird’s identity. Just wait until all 10 have been posted, then vote all at once.

Listen here   >>>>calling mystery bird<<<<

mystery call close togther

Click through on sonagram image for larger size

Birdfair Talk Teaser

The spectacle of the IBRCE at Eilat will feature in the Main Events Marquee on Friday afternoon. It will be the ‘roller coaster ride’ aspect of the talk 😉


More on our Birdfair talk and when and when to join us can be  found here.

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