Final Countdown to Mystery Bird Quiz.

Birdfair 2013: Birding Frontiers Challenge

The deadline for entries is coming! Monday 12th August at Midnight. Well done to those who have already entered by emailing (here), and thanks for the comments on how much it has been both challenging and enjoyable. For those not yet entered, all TEN mystery birds can be seen HERE. Rules and prizes below (scroll down).

The challenge provides a back-drop to our Birdfair talk on Friday 16th at 4:00pm.

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Thanks to friends and partners we also have a few wee prizes:

  • A full weekend pass to Britain’s first Migration Festival at Spurn.
  • RSPB British Birds of Prey book by Marianne Taylor and other bits
  • Some goodies from Shetland Nature
  • Swarovski Optik watch and baseball cap
  • Petrels: Night and Day. book by the Sound Approach
  • Presentation map of Flamborough from Yorkshire Coast Nature.

How to play

Every day from the 1st to the 10th of August 2013 a new bird of some sort will appear on the Birding Frontiers blog: a photo and/or a  sound recording. Some will be a bit more obvious and  there might be one or two ‘stinkers’ thrown in.


  • N.B. There is no need to respond straight away
  • All 10 answers can be submitted after the 10th bird has been posted
  • All answers must be in by midnight (British Summer Time) Monday 12th August

Two ways to send in answers:

  • Either by putting your answer on the blog in the comments section on/after 10th August.
  • Or email me here

Other rules

  1. If there is only one outright winner they get all the prizes!
  2. If there is a tie/more than one winner, the prizes will be distributed and if necessary by means of picking names from a hat.
  3. Birds must be identified usually to the lowest taxonomic level e.g. sub-species UNLESS the bird was never deemed as identifiable to a lowest level.  For example if a photo of a Greater Sand Plover appears, there are 3 sub-species of Greater Sand Plover.  If the bird is deemed identifiable to a sub-specific level then that (e.g. ‘Greater Sand Plover’ of subspecies crassirostris) is the correct answer.  If however the bird is only deemed identifiable as a Greater Sand Plover and not to sub-specific level, then that (i.e. ‘Greater Sand Plover’)  is the correct answer. Don’t worry though – if you take a punt/guess on a sub-species and it’s not deemed identifiable to that level you won’t lose any points.

I think that’s everything. GOOD LUCK and hope you enjoy it!

Oh and P.S.  YOU ARE INVITED. Tormod and I would love you to come along to our talk if you’re at the Birdfair on Friday at 4:00 pm.  Most of the quiz birds will feature there.  Details below!


Big nod to these guys for the prizes:





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2 Responses to Final Countdown to Mystery Bird Quiz.

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  2. Euan Mclachlan says:

    1 – Grant’s Stormpetrel
    2 – Cyprus Pied Wheatear
    3 – Steller’s Eider
    4 – Eversmann’s Redstart
    5 – Lesser Redpoll ( cabaret)
    6 – Dead Sea Sparrow
    7 – Water Pipit ( Coutelli)
    8 – Yellow-legged Gull ( michahellis)
    9 – Desert Lesser Whitethroat ( minula)
    10 – Brunnichs Guillemot

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