Winner of 2013 Birding Frontiers Challenge

Mystery Bird Quiz

The Play-off mystery birds were:

1cy male Caspian Stonechat (ssp. hemprichii – variegatus in old money)

 2cy Steppe Buzzard – vulpinus

 2cy Cape Gull – vetula

The last one a bit of a stinker but not impossible (and a potential vagrant in that plumage)- hence an ID frontier. Chris Batty came closest first time around, being the only one to get  all 10 species correct, but didn’t give a trinomial (subspecies) for the coutelli Water Pipit (which is identifiable as such).

In the play-off , Chris, Jon Holt and Mark Lawlor all pitched about right for the stonechat and buzzard but only Nick Moran got all 3 correct and is the overall winner. Congratulations Nick!

Thanks to all those who took part. Hope you enjoyed it and learnt something too- as I certainly did. Full answers and more on each mystery bird to come.

Cheers Martin

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I am a Free Spirit
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