Single Events Tickets can be Bought

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Single event tickets will be on sale for people who wish to join in some of the events during the migration festival. All guided visible-migration, sea-watching and migrant walks are for pre-booked ticket holders only.

Day or Weekend Tickets…

…for Saturday and/ or Sunday can still be bought in advance: £12 for a day Ticket or £18 for full weekend ticket.  Tickets only available from the central booking of the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust.

Book your day or weekend ticket by phoning 01904 659570 or email:

Single Event Tickets…

…for sale on the day at £3 per event (call in at Westmere Farm to book). Events include:

  • Entrance into the Westmere Barn where there will be stalls, demonstrations and lunchtime seminars.
  • Ringing demonstrations at Church Field and the Warren.
  • Lighthouse, where two of Spurn’s best artists will be displaying their work as well as some superb Spurn art photographs taken by Dave McAleavy. It is also a must for anyone who has never been up the lighthouse to see the view from the top and to get a bird’s eye view of the shape of the peninsula.


One view from the top of the Lighthouse by Dave McAleavy. Dave will also be holding photoshop demonstrations in the barn at Westmere Farm.


Jack Ashton-Booth, with some of his superb work from his last exhibition in the Lighthouse.


Ray Scally and some of his excellent work from front cover of the late Russell Slack’s book: Rare Birds, Where and When.

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