NEWS: if you are Coming this Weekend

to the Spurnspurn-shot5 Migration Festival

We are looking forward very much to welcoming everyone coming this weekend to Britain’s first Migration Festival at Spurn.

Here are a few points to help with your arrival and settling in:

On Arrival

(available from 10:00am on Friday, and 6:00 am on Saturday and Sunday)

Please make your way straight to Westmere Farm at Postcode HU12 OYB. Westmere Farm is on the left soon after entering Kilnsea and there will be a banner outside the farm advertising the Migration Festival. You will be directed to:

Park (initially) in the Farm

if you have pre-booked tickets

Sign-up for walks, watches and workshops from the extensive weekend programme

Tea and snacks will be available

You will then be given options for parking and information on the latest bird sightings with assistance with where to go birding/ what to do next and any other information you need.

P.S. please be aware that extensive  setting up will be taking place on Friday, which may mean a short wait while checking in.

The official start of the Migration Festival is at 7:00 pm prompt at Westmere Barn on Friday evening.

A Working Farm

Andrew and Sue Wells are extending a very warm welcome as they host the Migration Festival at their farm. Please bear in mind this is still a working farm. As such:

  • While on the Farm, please stay within areas/ buildings set aside for the Migration Festival (lots of signs) and do not enter buildings not obviously part of the festival.
  • Smoking. Smoking is only permitted in designated areas (buckets) outside main barn.
  • Fires/ Naked Flames should be avoided at all costs. The ground and e.g. straw bales are very dry. Just ask for further info.


Please don’t bring them! I have one and love them but the migration festival will not be a conducive, dog friendly environment and no dogs are permitted on the reserve/ peninsula as standard practice.


Please keep your tickets/passes with you throughout the festival so they can be checked at the various opt-in events

Need Help Anytime?

There will be an army of volunteers with YELLOW arm bands. Most of them will also have access to a shortwave radio. If you need directions/ advice/ first aid etc please look out for one of the volunteer crew.

Tea and Coffee Honesty Box

Andrew and Sue Wells are providing self-service tea and coffee in Westmere Barn from 6:00 am on Saturday for early risers and those arriving early on Saturday or Sunday. Please make sure you contribute generously to the ‘honesty box’.

Have a Safe Journey. See you Soon!


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