The Great Snipe at Spurn

The Bird and The People

15th September 2013

Click through TWICE on any snipe image to see it much better, up close and personal

Great Snipe 13 Kilnsea 15.9.13

1st winter  (I think). Central belly rather plain white with little barring (fully barred on adult) and wing coverts look nice and fresh but would need to look into it ‘properly’

Great Snipe Kilnsea 15.9.13

Guiding with Yorkshire Coast Nature, we reckoned our best bet on day 3 would be Spurn. Ian Smith’s photos of the Great Snipe from the previous afternoon were gripping enough; and the bird had been reported showing early. Don’t think anyone was disappointed.

Great Snipe 15 Kilnsea 15.9.13

findersFantastic! Very pleased for these 2 dudes, John Cooper and Pete Wragg. Both were guides on the Spurn Migration Festival the previous weekend. John Cooper saw the bird briefly on the deck and in flight on morning on the 14th and quickly reported it but it couldn’t be relocated. On hearing his description first hand in the afternoon, Pete Wragg returned to the area, quite convinced John indeed had seen a Great Snipe. After a fruitless scout around the field Peter returned to the road on Beacon Lane to find the bird just sitting- right out in the open- on the grass verge.

Great Snipe 11 Kilnsea 15.9.13

.watchers 4

Great Snipe 3 Kilnsea 15.9.13Great Snipe 17 Kilnsea 15.9.13

Great Snipe 6 Kilnsea 15.9.13

above – a bit of detail 🙂
.watchers 2

birdNice! Pinched from John Hague’s Facebook post. he’s got me at full stretch photographing the mighty beast (back right corner in full boring birder green olive and grey- you can hardly see me 😉

watchers 1

gangOur Yorkshire Coast Nature group in celebratory mood, just before a welcome cuppa in the Blue Bell cafe (thanks for photo to John Hague).

Great Snipe 18 Kilnsea 15.9.13

Great Snipe 7 Kilnsea 15.9.13

enough for now- night night:

Great Snipe 8 Kilnsea 15.9.13

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3 Responses to The Great Snipe at Spurn

  1. Sam Jones says:

    Hi Martin,

    had a search through Prater et al. (1977) Guide to identification and ageing of Holarctic waders and supports the GS being a immature bird. Seems the most reliable way is the white on the tail “Outer tail feather white with fairly extensive brown marks extending to within 10mm of the tip on both webs”. Tough without the bird in the hand, but see adult birds here- and here, compared to the tail of the Spurn bird with the pictures here

    Coverts also much bolder white tips on an ad bird if you look in comparison with your photographs and those linked to adult birds above.

    Good learning!

  2. Em May says:

    Apparently reported as dead this morning, such a shame!

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