Barolo Shearwater

“get on… this… small shearwater!”

the other boat

The other boat- do you know  the geezer with the wacky hat, perched next to mast and looking through bins? This was his best ever pelagic: “Never seen anything good on a pelagic” said he as we set sail.

We thought it was over all over. Late afternoon and we were only couple hours off docking back in La Graciosa. Nevertheless the sight of an ‘at sea’ Eleonora’s Falcon chasing a small bird- probably a Grey Phalarope was till startling enough. Until one Marc Hughes sat next to me released a nervous stream of words: “get on….this…. small shearwater”.

He never said “Is this a Manx”, ” Look at this funny Manx”- etc. etc. On clocking the bird- Manx Shearwater never even entered the thought process. Once again sharp-eyed Dani called it large: BAROLO! Unfamiliar blunt whirring wings/ rapidly flapping (much more so than Manx), whole different jizz, and then as it turned that open ‘white face’. Amazingly Johannes got some photos of the bird as we sped along and the bird twisted and turned. Very cool. The first Barolo Shearwater on the Lanzarote Pelagics- a species in series decline with Canaries population on verge of extinction.

Marc Hughes sat next to me on our wee yacht, knifing through blue sub-tropical seas, shares the moment (sorry ’bout the wind noise):



Barolos_Shearwater-0444Barolo Shearwater– all photos by Johannes Dag Mayer (with thanks). The photo directly above nicely shows 2 rows of white-tipped coverts ( greater and median) a key feature if you get to see or photograph them.

See more on Johannes photos on his Flickr stream >>>HERE<<<

gang on lanza

Huge thanks again to  Juan and Dani who set the whole thing up, here with my travelling companions from North Wales, Rob Sandham and Marc Hughes.


Another great wee adventure on the Lanzarote Pelagics…

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