Relict Gull

in juvenile plumage

Following my curiosity having watched this seeming Med Gull X Common Gull hybrid (or maybe extreme variant Common Gull), friends and followers sent some fab links and photos of juvenile/ first winter Relict Gulls. Relict Gulls are a 20th century phenomenon. Discovered in the first half and thought to be something  like an ‘Eastern Mediterranean Gull’; given full species status in the 2nd half (1970) as the Relict Gull.

They don’t always have wholly white underwings as first years, see >>> here <<<

and this is a stunning series see >>>here<<<

Now I can see what they really look like 🙂 . Cheers guys- especially to Mark Thomas, Peter Kennerley, Killian Mullarney and those who responded at the end of the first post.

relict gull juv close up MT

relict gulls juvs 2 MT

relict gull juv upperwing detail MTabove: juvenile/first winter Relict Gulls, Mongolian July 2004 by Mark Thomas


Relict Gull 7 DSC_0200

Relict Gull  4 DSC_0218

Relict Gull 1 DSC_0222

Relict Gull 2DSC_0220

Relict Gull 3 DSC_0219

Relict Gull 6 DSC_0217above: juvenile/first winter Relict Gull, Beidaihe, 21 sept 2004 by Peter Kennerley


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