Cape May Warbler on Unst

2nd for Britain (and everywhere else)

Gripping stuff. Spoke to Brydon Thomason earlier about Mike Pennington’s uber rarity find today at Alma Manse, nr Baltasound on Britain’s most Northerly Isle.

Brydon’s  photos from this afternoon. BOOM!




DSC_7645_Cape-May-Warbler_webCape May Warbler, Alma, Unst 23rd October 2013 by Brydon Thomason

Think maybe we should just go and live there for the whole autumn…?

Shetland Nature.indd


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1 Response to Cape May Warbler on Unst

  1. Amazing! We get them on Abaco, N. Bahamas in winter (though I’ve seen a female ‘stayer’ in June). I grabbed ‘Stokes Field Guide to Warblers’ and there on p.71 is a near-identical bird labelled ‘Fall, immature female’. But this year has been an usually quiet one for tropical storms and cyclones that might send a bird way off-course across the Atlantic. What a find. RH

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