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I am an early-career ornithologist and conservation scientist and have been an avid birder and naturalist since childhood. I have been involved in a variety of work worldwide, particularly in expedition environments and field research throughout the new and old world tropics. Most recently this has taken place in Central America, Indonesian Borneo, Ethiopia and the islands of the South Pacific..

Enfoque en: Trepatroncos Centroamericanos

After publishing Focus on: Central American Woodcreepers on Birding Frontiers in January, Honduran friend and colleague, Fabiola Rodriguez, mentioned that after sharing the piece with some friends in Central America, its dissemination was limited due to the language barrier. In response to … Continue reading

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Focus on: Central American Woodcreepers

Wonderful Woodcreepers! By Sam Woodcreepers- a diverse group of cryptic, brown, tree-dwelling denizens of Neotropical forest can easily get branded as dull or unspectacular by many visiting birders when compared to the plumage or lifestyle of some other Neotropical specialities. I think they … Continue reading

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Expedition research; ornithological frontiers

Back into the heart of Borneo.. by Sam Jones Borneo hardly needs an introduction to many birders or naturalists with its enigmatic Bornean Orangutans and hoards of easily accessible endemic birds. Phylogenetically speaking, endemism has run riot across all taxa on … Continue reading

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Resplendent Quetzals…

The jewel in the cloud-forests of central America.. By Sam I never tired of waking up to the peculiar sound of comfortably one of the most striking and beautiful creatures I have ever seen. Many times in the pre-dawn gloom in … Continue reading

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Curious Hummingbird Behavior

Washing on the wing… by Sam   Hummingbirds are surely one of the world’s most fascinating, compelling and addictive avian groups, offering something to every level of birder or ornithologist. One of the new world’s most marvelous natural specialities! Stripe-tailed … Continue reading

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Fieldwork in Honduras

Out of the clouds… by Sam After speaking to Martin about Birding Frontiers several weeks ago I am delighted to be part of such company and have been meaning to write a first post for some time. Expedition fieldwork is … Continue reading

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