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Wacky wagtails

Israel in spring is a great place to study Yellow Wagtail subspecies. There is a good mix of western and eastern forms, and the males are obviously very good looking in spring. Among the more distinct forms, such as nominate … Continue reading

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Saunders’s and Little Terns ID pitfalls

This is a topic I talked about briefly in my 2015 Spurn Migfest talk. Saunders’s Tern is one of the rarest and least-known breeding birds in the WP. Despite having a large range around the Indian Ocean, including Red Sea, coastal East … Continue reading

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Iduna issues

On October 1st Noam Weiss trapped this intriguing Iduna warbler at IBRCE, Eilat. Noam is the director of the IBRCE, and is one of the most experienced ringers in Israel. Noam must have handled in his extensive ringing carrier several … Continue reading

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Just for fun

Casual results from a quick visit to the Natural History Museum at Tring ‘Isabelline’ Shrikes – adult males: White / Pied Wagtails – all 2cy males in spring / summer All images in this post are copyright of the Natural … Continue reading

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Rueppell’s or hybrid or what?

On July 15th, Eitan and Judith Kaufman went birding at the scenic Gamla NR in N Israel . This reserve is well-known for its vultures that often fly past the lookout at very close range. Among the Eurasian Griffons, they … Continue reading

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Swintail or Pinhoe’s?

On Thursday October 10th, two of my mates Eyal Shochat and Yaron Charka found this exciting Snipe at Ma’agan Michael on the Mediterranean Coast of Israel. The bird showed very well to me on Sunday. Very easy to separate from … Continue reading

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Israeli sand-plover resolved

I hope Martin forgives me for turning this into my personal blog. But this bird stirred a fascinating discussion among some top birders, and deserves one last post. Lesser Sand-plover  So after lots of thinking and reading and discussing, the … Continue reading

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