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Lesser Short-toed Lark in the Arctic

Hornøya! 30th May 2013 Hornøya is one of the must see destinations during Gullfest in Varanger, Arctic Norway. It’s the last island… Tormod and I have mused on where to look for the big rarities in Varanger and Hornøya is right … Continue reading

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Siberian Tit X Willow Tit Hybrid

How Rare? Presumed hybrid Willow Tit X Siberian Tit, Kate’s garden, Nesseby, Gullfest ll. March 2013 (taken through living room window). Svensson 1992 (ID Guide to European Passerines) say ‘reported very rarely’. Harrap and Quinn (Tits, Nuthatches and Treecreepers) 1996 says ‘…mixed pairs … Continue reading

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Gyr Falcon: Grey Morph

Answer: Spot the Arctic Bird Yes it was a tad tricky. Well done to all who braved having a go. Hopefully you had a laugh too, at least at some of the wry comments. And the answer? Circled: an adult … Continue reading

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Spot the Arctic Bird

Big Fun, Small Prize Funny how birds can disappear into a scene. Sometime just a photographic co-incidence, often an illustration of plumage adaptation to surroundings. Within the photo below is a bird taken in the Arctic which I will talk about more in the next … Continue reading

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King Eider Harbour

Båtsfjord: the King’s Harbour Twice I have donned brightly coloured Arctic jumpsuits and headed out in a zodiac from a base in Båtsfjord Harbour on the exposed northern fringe of Varanger, Arctic Norway. Both represent unique Arctic experiences. The first was the ‘Blue Fulmar Pelagic’ in May 2011. The … Continue reading

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Arctic Alcids and Arctic Redpolls

and Arctic Weather. Thursday began in glorious winter wonderland in the Pasvik Valley and ended  in a polar blast as we arrived in Vardø on the Hurtigruten ferry. Arctic Redpoll performed marvelously in the Birkhuskey area, together with trumpeting Northern Bullfinches  Pine Grosbeaks and Siberian Jays. A heard … Continue reading

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Taiga Birding Day 2: Gullfest 2013

Hard to find words. Superlatives.oft repeated end up sounding empty. Trying to write this post I had to run out for the second night running to witness sky-filling aurora. Alongside hilarity  filled company, there was Alaskan Husky driven sleds across the Taiga, a snowmobile ride, reindeer soup and … Continue reading

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Into the Taiga Zone

Excellent ‘warm-up’ This male Pine Grosbeak (Alonza Garbett) was a new bird for 5 of our group. Rock n roll! The snow doesn’t melt, it just moves. Fierce winds have whipped the north Norwegian landscape into peaks of whipped cream. Nearer the coast … Continue reading

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The Northerners in Oslo

Day One. Warm-up A rather manic day. Facebook status reads: finally made it to little B and B in Oslo after 4;30 am start. Lovely Sharon Garner and Abi Garner took me at 4:45 am to York. Train was on the board … Continue reading

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