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Sheffield Snow Bunting again

Sex, age and race. In answer to the questions I posed to myself and others this is where I’ve got.  My gut reaction to begin with was that the bird was a female, probably an adult and I wondered if … Continue reading

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Snow Bunting in Sheffield

from where? Popped out y’day morning to see the Snow Bunting at Orgreave. Fascinating incredibly hardy birds who live in some of the harshest environments on the planet (and I don’t mean Orgreave!). I suspect the age, sex and subspecies of this one … Continue reading

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Lost my Mojo

Linosa Diaries (cont’d) Rare bird hunting, migration watching, tiny island dwelling. It’s a game of highs and lows. I arrived on Linosa in early November, having already had a very good autumn. However it was a place, with a mix of birds, with which I was unfamiliar. I had the warmest of welcomes which was maintained throughout. … Continue reading

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Female Pine Bunting

Overlooked? I was fortunate to find a female Pine Bunting in November 2003 at Flamborough Head, East Yorkshire. One of the fascinating things I discovered was that for every male Pine Bunting trapped on the near continent, 2 FEMALE Pine Buntings … Continue reading

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Shetland, Wednesday 28th Sept 2011

A Rubbish Day! Decided on  a bit of dirty twitching to the Mainland as the guys were keen to see the Lesser Grey Shrike if at all possible. I had taken a little risk and held off going. Hoping I had made the … Continue reading

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Siberian Snow Bunting

Should it be on the British List? Heading up the northern shoreline of the Varanger fjord, Tormod and I encountered some fantastic flocks of seaducks. With some much food-rich water, most bays contain seaducks and gulls.  With a bit of looking a few Steller’s Eiderwere found and stragglers of the wintering King Eider population. In one bay we … Continue reading

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Pine Bunting…

…genes in some Yellowhammers I have not had a good look at Yellowhammer flocks recently though have made a bit of a habit of it in the past. As a result I have managed to find one female Pine Bunting and I … Continue reading

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