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Parallels in the Art of Identification

Guide-lines to the Identification of the two British Copper Underwings. There are occasions when it is seemingly impossible to identify a moth from a physical appearance. When faced with this situation, the scientific decision-making processes “kick-in” and a choice has … Continue reading

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Convolvulus Hawk-moth

Spurn, 5th Sept 2012 by Martin and following on from Tony’s migration post below, I think this is one. Nice to celebrate with Mick when he caught this big mama in my old trap in his Easington garden last week:

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Eyed Hawk-moth

Big, Fat and Beautiful Saturday 18 June, Spurn. Not in a moth trap but emerged from pupa stage in long grass. Its body was particularly fat. Is this a female then, similar to the different body shapes of the different sexes of Poplar Hawk Moths? Oh- and how do you spell … Continue reading

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Pebble Prominent

Just because it look great! From my Moth Trap at Spurn sometime last summer. Just because its looks great! It’s a Pebble Prominent Moth Notodonta ziczac. Apparently common across Britain and it’s on the wing now.  

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